• Dissecting Inequality: A First Conceptual Framework to (Maybe) Solve it
    Inequality – and especially wealth inequality – is an ancient problem that has interested people from all walks of life. It is a pervasive feature of all societies throughout time, to different degrees. Many societies that have tried to solve […]
  • The Twilight of Ideological Decay
    What is Ideology?      The world is a large and complicated place. Our senses are bombarded with a constant flow of information that our brains have to decipher and make sense of. To aid in this endeavour, we create an […]
  • GameStop: The Last Gasp of a Generation
    One aging Millennial’s perspective on the GameStop stock drama.
  • There’s bombshell evidence of scientific fraud by the Chinese Communist Party
    The letter discussed in this article might just be the most important revelation to come out in the past year. Although this may sound like a bold claim considering the past year’s events, as well as the fact that I am trying to promote this article, but I assure you, this is not clickbait. The Chinese Communist Party is in fact the biggest existential threat that the West faces.
  • Why everyone should be terrified by NY Assembly Bill A416
    With all the craziness surrounding the storming of the US capitol, as well as the prospect of a civil war, it was easy to miss the fact that an absolutely disturbing piece of legislation is being proposed in New York […]