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The internet and mainstream media is plagued with misinformation and disinformation. Corporate media consolidation and the power of Big Tech are threatening free speech and harming our political discourse. They distract us, divide us, and keep us in the dark on many important issues. The elite are given a platform to voice their agenda, while dissenters are silenced or slandered. Here at The Contrarian Reader we offer an antidote to this problem.

We are an independent media organization that challenges the status quo and the bad ideas that permeate our culture. Our only mission is investigation and inquiry, free from dogmatic ideologies, conflicts of interest and groupthink. We publish content on politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, sustainability, and current affairs.

The Contrarian Reader does not push the agenda of any political party or ideology. We are willing to publish writers from anywhere on the left-right spectrum, as long as they hold anti-authoritarian views. We believe that the great political struggle of the 21st century will not be the left vs the right, but authoritarian vs libertarian. We hope to make the world a better place through the power of ideas, not the suppression of them.

If you hold the values of liberty, equal rights, and civil libertarianism, please subscribe to our content. If you would like to submit any writing to be published, please contact us as contrarianreader@protonmail.com.